At Woodbine Family Health Team, we have: 5 family doctors and a nurse practitioner, registered nurse, dietitian, pharmacists, and counsellors who work together to meet your health needs.


As a patient of Woodbine FHT, you always have the opportunity to see another family doctor/nurse practitioner  if yours  is unavailable.  We also offer extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience.


If you are sick and want to see a doctor/nurse practitioner, call us and we will accommodate you on the same day.  Avoid walk-in clinics — they don’t know your full medical history as well as we do!


Monday to Thursday: 9am to 7:30pm 

Friday: 9:30 am – 4 pm

Saturdays 9 am – 1 pm.



Mon – Thurs: 5-7pm (PHONE CALLS/ IN-CLINIC APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE). Please call to confirm on call Physician Schedule.

Saturday: Starting 9 am – closing 1 pm… (PHONE CALL APPOINTMENTS ONLY)

PATIENTS SEEN IN CLINIC ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please speak to the Receptionist prior to coming to the Clinic and to confirm your Physician’s schedule.


By seeing us for all of your medical needs, you can be assured that your medical information stays in one place, and that you always get the best follow-up care!






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Our Programs

The Woodbine Family Health Team provides a growing range of programs and services

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1)      Masks:   Effective June 11, 2022, Woodbine Family Health Team policy requires that you to continue to wear a mask at all times while in the clinic, for the protection of patients and staff. It keeps the people we care for safe; it also helps protect our teams, reducing potential exposures, illness, and the need for isolation. This helps our teams continue to be at work, caring for the people we serve

2)      Virtual and After-Hours:  We are excited to announce that starting July 4, 2022 we will be transitioning to video conference call for all virtual visits. 

All patients will need to have an email on file as well as access to a device that has a camera. We will continue to provide telephone calls when necessary to patients that do not have an email or camera, if they are unable to come into the clinic.


The After hours clinic will be accessible for both in person as well as virtual/video calls. All patients can use the tab above to book a video call during the after hours clinic. This will be accessible from 5-7 Mon to Thurs (subject to availability). In person appointments will will continue to be on a walk in basis (first come, first serve).

If you have any questions, please contact the office



About Us

What is a Family Health Team?

A Family Health Team (FHT) is made up of many health care professionals who work together to provide you with quality, rounded care. 

Conveniently access many medical services all in one place!

At Woodbine Family Health Team, we have: 5 family doctors and a nurse practitioner, registered nurse, dietitian, pharmacists, and counsellors who work together to meet your health needs.

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A team of health professionals

Providing a full range of comprehensive and timely care


Drug information to patients and members

The Family Health Team pharmacist collaborates with all the members of the team to help optimize patients’ drug therapy by identifying, preventing and resolving drug related issues. The pharmacist provides drug information to patients and members of the team through individual counselling or group teaching.

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Becoming a Patient

We are currently not accepting new patients

If you are interested in becoming a patient and would like to be placed on a wait list, call us on 416 342 5140 ext 1. You can also visit Health Care Connect (1-800-445-1822). This is a program that helps you find a doctor or nurse practitioner if you don’t have one.

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