Diabetes Prevention & DIABETES 101

Join our Registered Nurse/CDE and Dietitian/CDE for this 2-part VIRTUAL workshop

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Join our Dietitian/CDE and Registered Nurse/CDE for this comprehensive interactive workshop on the basics about diabetes and how to manage it through lifestyle.

Are your sugars on the rise? Have you been told that you need to bring your sugars down or under control? Here you will learn about and explore prevention and survival skills. You will learn how how to manage blood sugars via food and lifestyle habits, as well as how to treat high and low blood sugars, manage sick days, etc. You will meet and learn from others who are experiencing much of the same issues. 

Who: People who are interested in preventing diabetes and those who have diabetes or pre-diabetes and their family members

When: Tuesday Jan 26th and Tuesday Feb 2nd, from 3:00 – 4:30pm

To sign up please email Dietitian Michelle Lee at [email protected] with your full name.