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Memory Clinic

About the Memory Clinic: The Woodbine Family Health Team (FHT) Memory Clinic is an inter-disciplinary approach to providing early diagnosis and treatment for problems related to memory loss. The Woodbine FHT Memory Clinic team has been specially trained to provide comprehensive care and assessment for patients and family members dealing with conditions involving memory loss and/or dementia. Early diagnosis and treatment can help to maintain independent living and quality of life for as long as possible.

What to expect: You and your family members will meet with a team of nurses, social worker, pharmacist, physician and a nurse practitioner for a comprehensive assessment including driving safety. This information can provide you and your family practitioner with a better understanding of your condition along with steps you and your family can take in your care. 

Each appointment will take approximately 2.5 hours.  We encourage you to bring along a family member or someone who knows you well to your visit to help ensure a thorough assessment.

How can I be seen? How can I make a referral? You will need a referral from your health practitioner. Referral form can be obtained from our website (see attached referral form link here). Please fax completed referral form to 416-342-5148.